Our Organization

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Our Mission

COMQUAT is an independent community organization specializing in literacy for people experiencing difficulties mastering written language.
The organization’s main goals are:

  • Offering training specific to those wanting to competently communicate via written language (reading, writing, computation);
  • Promoting self-knowledge and autonomy among our learners;
  • Fostering literacy awareness among the general population as well as our partners;
  • Defending the rights of the illiterate;
  • Personalized Approach.

Annual activity report

We invite you to download our latest annual activity report by clicking here.

Our Team


  • Sylvie Pelletier – Director
  • Nathalie Pomerleau – Literacy Facilitator and Trainer
  • Nathalie Labonté – Literacy Facilitator and Trainer


  • Diane Robitaille – Volunteer Tutor and Conversation I Workshop support
  • Jocelyne Bouillon – Volunteer Tutor and Educational Support
  • Yolande Accrobessie – Volunteer Tutor
  • Jean Monfette Volunteer Tutor
  • Denise Clément Volunteer Tutor
  • Robert Durocher Volunteer Tutor
  • Julia Di Legge: Volunteer Tutor

Administrative Council

  • Isabelle Leduc – President
  • Florence Le Garrec-Sallenave – Vice President
  • Michel Normand– Treasurer
  • Jocelyne Bouillon– Secretary
  • Camille Bricault – Administrator

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