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New Faces on the Board of Directors of Comquat

New Faces on the Board of Directors of Comquat
At the general meeting in November 26, two new administrators were elected to Board of Comquat. They are Florence Le Garrec-Sallenave and Michel Normand, who replace Raymonde Trudeau and Michel Robichaud, two very valuable directors. Florence and Michel’s careers leave no doubt as to their ability to take over brilliantly.

A high-level manager, Florence Le Garrec has mainly worked in human resources: business-consulting services, work reorganization, coaching, training… It is of note that she is well aware of the difficulties that immigrants encounter in their job search and their socio-professional integration. She was a member of several Boards, particularly in community-based organizations. Now retired, Florence’s desire for involvement is more present than ever and she has found in Comquat an environment and values that correspond to her own.



Although still fully active in the work world, Michel Normand wants to bring the fruit of his experience and skills to Comquat. An operational manager for over 20 years, he is recognized for his ability to overcome complex challenges and implement innovative solutions, especially during times of change. This is indeed what Comquat has been going through since the start of the pandemic. Michel will also bring to our organization his experience of several years in the community environment.



It is with enthusiasm that Comquat welcomes Florence and Michel to the team. The contribution of Board members is priceless as It gives “solidarity” all its meaning in the framework of their volunteer work.


Camille Bricault, administrator
December 16, 2020

Thank you to the Montérégie West Community Network for its support in the English translation review. We value the community partnership.