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Testimony of my Experience at COMQUAT

Omar Durango February 11, 2021

Testimony of my Experience at COMQUAT

It all began in the last week of October 2020. At that time, I was laid off by my employer and I suddenly saw a great opportunity to pursue my project to become a Senior Engineer of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. In order to achieve this goal, I had to pass the Office québécois de la langue française exam in oral and written comprehension and expression in French, which I had failed twice before.
In light of the above, it was necessary to improve my level of French and my enthusiastic and extraordinary daughter helped me. She started looking for a learning institution and luckily, she found the French training centre, COMQUAT.

Since this organization is a public place, it allows all its members to feel welcome and above all respected in their French language learning. I started at COMQUAT in the first week of November and since then I have experienced wonderful moments with other learners, with the Comquat team, but especially with the trainer, Ms. Nathalie Pomerleau, a passionate, patient and wonderful person who really enjoys teaching the French language. Personally, I was committed to work hard in order to achieve my goal. Finally, I took the exam on January 26 and yesterday I received a letter and certification saying that I had passed the Office québécois de la langue française exam.
To conclude, I want to thank the entire COMQUAT team for this great accomplishment. For those who would like to learn or improve their French language, I highly recommend that you visit this place where you will find competent and committed people to help you for your future.




You have worked hard; you have been diligent and persevering; your efforts have paid off. It’s fantastic!
This great success and this diploma obtained is well deserved!
The entire COMQUAT team congratulates you and wishes you every success and the best of luck in achieving your professional goals.

BRAVO again!
And thank you for your wonderful testimony to COMQUAT. It warms our hearts.

Sylvie Pelletier
Executive Director


Thank you to the Montérégie West Community Network for its support in the English translation review. We value the community partnership.