By Sylvie Pelletier, November 16, 2021

On October 27, at its 2021 Annual General Meeting, COMQUAT welcomed three (3) new members to its Board of Directors: Mr. Clément Bergeron, Mrs. Natalya Kerosinskaya and Mrs. Milena Trifonova.

Comquat is proud to present the appointments of its 2021-2022 Board of Directors.

In her second year of mandate on the Board of COMQUAT, Florence Le Garrec-Sallenave will assume the position of President, replacing Isabelle Leduc. With her expertise in human resources, employment consulting and business organization, Florence is certainly well equipped to chair our Board.


Mr. Clément Bergeron will assume the position of Vice-President. He joins COMQUAT with a range of expertise complementary to COMQUAT’s mission.   From the management of development and operations to community action and social development, including the direction of leisure at the municipal and regional level, it goes without saying that Clément will be a valuable asset to the influence of COMQUAT.


Mrs. Jocelyne Bouillon gives us the privilege of renewing a second term with COMQUAT as Secretary of the Board. Her experience as a project manager and executive assistant in the field of employability as well as her incredible dedication and involvement in the cause of COMQUAT make Jocelyne a member of the Board of Directors at the “platinum” level.

Ms. Natalya Kesorinskaya will assume the position of Interim Treasurer replacing Mr. Michel Normand who had to end his mandate last June. In addition to her nine (9) years of experience in accounting, Natalya has a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in accounting, and is a candidate for the practice of the CPA profession. Her experience will certainly be a great asset to our organization.

Ms. Milena Trifonova is also a candidate for the practice of CPA with 6 years of experience in accounting and will hold the position of administrator within the Board of COMQUAT.  We will be able to count on the professionalism of her experience in financial management, budget and analysis in public services.


WHAT A BOARD OF administration! A wonderful combination of experience, knowledge and motivation.
COMQUAT welcomes its new members and looks forward to an excellent year of collaboration with all members of the Board in managing the continuous development of its mission.

Special Note: We would like to thank our partner at the Monteregie West Community Network (MWCN) for their contribution in translation of English Communications.